Wisteria Collection Oval Diffuser Set


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This Reed Diffuser Set is absolutely perfect for any type of gift giving. This glass diffuser is beautifully handpainted and hand frosted with Acrylic, water based, non-toxic paint. Each bottle is delicately enhanced with a touch of sparkle. The reed diffuser uses essential oils as the base of their fragrances allowing the reed diffuser to add a scent to the room as well as making it very therapeutic.  The advantage of a reed diffuser is that the Reed diffusers are essential to those who prefer not to light a candle, but also want that soothing fragrance with a soft and subtle scent that permeates the air. You can also be rest assured that our base is totally safe and has no VOC restrictions. Our reeds are 3mm in diameter, for maximum flow or “wicking” of reed diffuser oil. The slightly wider reed also helps get thicker fragrances “airborne”. All of our diffusers include  a 4oz. bottle of scented essential oil and 10 3mm reeds. (8oz size diffuser oil available, not included)

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Apple Harvest, Pumpkin Pie, Nag Champa, Plumberry, Blackberry, Frankincense & Myrrh, Pumpkin Souffle, Blueberry Cobbler, Fig Tree, Plumeria, Pearberry, Wildberry Mousse, Lime Cooler, Hawaiian Breeze, Christmas Hearth, Asian Amber, Lavender Vanilla, Bayberry, Pear Glace Type, Sun Ripened Raspberry, Strudel & Spice, Hansel & Gretel's House, Rain Water, English Garden, Hydrangea, Peach, Creme Brulee, Moon Lake Musk, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Dragon's Blood, Clean Cotton, Sunwashed Linen, Baby Powder, Cherry Blossom, Angel Type, Lovespell, Blue Spruce, Gingerbread, Strawberry Cheesecake, Dicken's Christmas, Autumn Pear, Harvest, EggNogg, White Christmas, Victorian Christmas, Sweet Snow, Tropic Wind, Cinnamon Crunch, Warm Vanilla, Freesia, Cinnamon, Lily of the Valley, Sweet Pea, Hot Apple Pie, Rose, Vanilla Pods, Angel Whisper, Lilac, Coconut Milk & Peaches, Hot Fudge Brownie, McIntosh Apple, Mistletoe, Warm Vanilla, Honeydew Melon, Citronella, Sugar Cookie, Autumn Harvest, Buttered Rum, Caribbean Mango, Cinnamon Buns, Cranberry Plum, Almost Paradise


Red, Deep Burgundy, Vintage Orange, Orange Twist, True Blue, Cobalt Blue, Navy Blue, Jamaican Sea, Periwinkle, Hydrangea, Yellow, Antique Gold, Sable Brown, Coffee Bean, Yellow Ochre, Dioxazine Purple, Wild Orchid, Purple, Wisteria, Violet Pansy, Heather, Magenta, Royal Fuchsia, Black Plum, Black


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