Flower Bouquet Candle Bowl



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Flower Bouquet Candle Bowl


Our Folral Bouquet Candle Bowl is handpainted to perfection with an acrylic paint on both the front and back of the bowl, and accented with a glistening iridescent glitter.

This product has been sold as a match, complimenting the Floral Bouquet Champagne Glasses. These bowls would fit just right on the dais table for a bride and groom!

The picture shows the base filled with our crushed pearlized shells, and a glass votive. Shells and glass votive included.

TIP: A pastel colored glass votive with the Angel Wings or Angel Whisper scent would look so elegant and have an aroma of soft, powdery fragranced flowers. Tastefully put together!

More of our wedding line is yet to come!

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Weight .4375 lbs


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