Diffuser Sets

About our diffusers-The reed diffuser provides fragrance with a distinct wicking system of reeds. The diffusion of a reed diffuser supports the delicate balance of the oil’s chemical structure keeping it much more effective. The diffuser releases fragrances for over 60 days. The fragranced liquid seeps up through the reeds of the diffuser, making the scent able to fill the room.
The reed diffuser uses essential oils as the base of their fragrances allowing the reed diffuser to add a scent to the room as well as making it very therapeutic. There are many advantages of the reed diffuser and it’s becoming very popular. The advantage of a reed diffuser is that the Reed diffusers are essential to those who prefer not to light a candle, but also want that soothing fragrance with a soft and subtle scent that permeates the air. A Scent From The Hearts Reed Diffusers does exactly that. This product does not contain DPG. DPG is an additive that helps fragrance oil adhere to, stick to, or sink into a porous surface, such as incense sticks or potpourri. DPG is also used to dilute fragrance oils for use in skin products such as soaps, bath oils & body lotions. It is also used to “stretch” fragrance oils for use in making cheap scented candles. Fragrance oil should “wick” up the reed, travel freely up the reed and be released into the air. DPG inhibits this. You can also be rest assured that our base is totally safe and has no VOC restrictions. VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds are compounds that are harmful and create indoor air quality problems.
Our reeds are 3mm in diameter, for maximum flow or “wicking” of reed diffuser oil. The slightly wider reed also helps get thicker fragrances “airborne”. We’re really picky about our reeds, which are clean cut every time, so the reed can carry lots of fragrance. Many people take shortcuts like flipping the reeds to quickly wet both sides, but we’ve found that the best fragrance throw is achieved with a base that flows through the reed. Our diffuser reeds deliver a fragrance that’s the right amount and not overpowering, lasting all day and night. This creates a welcoming atmosphere throughout your home or office.
Unlike candles, the reed diffuser has no flame to worry about, which makes it a safer alternative to candles. They eliminate the concern of smoke, for there is no “snuffing out” necessary. There is no messy clean ups! Unlike sprayed scents, the reed diffusers do not have any added chemicals. There is no need for an electric outlet or plugging in. The oil is never burned, which can change the scent due to overheating which actually damages the essential oils. The diffuser reeds protect the oils, throwing off the same scent for over an extended length of time.

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