Arranging Your Home Décor Items


Designing your surroundings helps to enhance your experiences and the framework of your day. By expressing the “inner you” in your environment, you enhance your own life and reflect your choice to live with a heightened sense of beauty to others.

How you present and arrange your home décor items  gives insight into who you are. Maybe it’s the idea of surrounding yourself with items that are made especially for you, or your home, that gives you Joy.

Most people are looking for home decorating that can be done quickly and easily. The choice of furniture, material, accessories and the right colors are still an important way to inject your personality into your home environment.

Most people get stuck when it comes to displaying and arranging their home décor accessories. Every bookcase, shelf and tabletop needs to be accented instead of being cluttered.  Just think of how good you  feel when someone compliments you on your good taste and style.

First, to keep a sense of harmony, use things that feel like they go together. Next use contrast, like smooth against textured, round against straight. You want a bit of both in your arrangements. Repeat a color or a shape, and then interject a contrast in their surfaces or size.

Second, make sure the items fit into the scale of the location they are in. If you are using small items, try grouping them to make them have a larger presence.Try  placing them on top of an arrangement of pretty fabric boxes or stacked books or grouping them on a tray.

Third, now it’s time to layer and soften. Start with tall items in the back and then medium height items and then shortest items in the front. Add some fabric or twisted ribbon to soften the edges, bring color in and highlight certain objects.

Remember to keep trying out arrangements until you are satisfied. Try things out in a new way or add a live plant or silk flowers to the grouping. You can take a photo of different combinations and look at them on another day to compare and get a clearer viewpoint.

If your display still looks cluttered, or items are getting lost, you might be trying to display too much. Get into the habit of rotating accessories, by season or theme. This will make old items seem fresh and new again and keep your décor evolving and organic, every time you rearrange them and accent with different seasonal touches.

The whole idea is to have fun with your home décor accessories and love the home you are in. Your personality and creative touch will go far as your home will be known as the home with taste and style.


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